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Auto-install CMS MODx Revolution (APS package)

MODx is not interested in the first year, it is one of the ten (if not five) of the most popular open source CMS. Frankly, it is not clear why there was a place for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, TYPO3 (more than 200 web applications) in apsstandard.org, but not for MODx. So we decided to make a small revolution and place it for free in the APS-catalog MODx Revolution.

Now the APS package is ready.

Not so long ago, we promised the community in the comments to the article The revolution begins today that we will prepare the APS-package MODx Revolution and, as previously for the domestic open source project CMS Livestreet , post on apsstandard.org, in a public directory. Parallels certificate gives such a right.
Unfortunately, we did not receive a response from MODx, LLC to requests via the form on the MODx website. Therefore, we published the question of allowing the publication of the APS-package MODx on the official forum ( here is the Russian version ).

About the very preparation of the package, we have already told Habra on the example of LS , therefore, I will not repeat. In short, the APS package is a tool for automatic deployment of web applications, and apsstandard.org is a public directory for all hosting providers.

Now installing the MODx from Parallels Plesk looks like this:


You can select the language, site name, usernames / passwords, etc. - and get a working site on MODx (if necessary - then with an example site - MODx Sample Site). Result .

This is a demo site data, they are only in English. But in the admin already Russian .

We ask developers and users of MODx to take part in testing the package and, if you consider it necessary, unsubscribe at the official forum in support of the publication of the package.
For testing, it is enough to get free access and you can install MODx, this is really done in just one click from Plesk.
Suggestions to the package and comments are welcome! Thank you in advance.

So far, information on the APS-package MODx only on our site . But we hope that the approval will be received, MODx will be submitted to apsstandard.org and MODx will become even more famous in Russia (and not only).
PS: CMS Livestreet from apsstandard.org downloaded in 2 months almost 1000 times! And most of the downloads are most likely done by hosting companies, which have now provided the ability to auto-install Livestreet to all their customers.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102070/

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