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Are we cranked?

I recently recalled the film of the 90s - “Arrival”. For those who do not know or do not remember the plot, I will tell you briefly. Aliens have settled on the ground for several years, with their knees bent forward like those of grasshoppers. These aliens are disguised as humans, wearing a kind of rubber skin. They decided to slowly redo our planet by themselves, under their physiology. To do this, they penetrated into various structures, bought and built a bunch of different enterprises that produced huge emissions of heat and methane into the atmosphere, turning it into unsuitable for people.
And then it dawned on me! 10–20% of oxygen on Earth is produced by forests, the rest is produced by plankton. By systematically destroying forests and plankton, it is possible to lower the oxygen content in the atmosphere, while killing all people. Where do our forests burn? That's right, all over the world! Drought, abnormal heat and dry vegetation contribute to the spread of fire, but by itself in nature, it almost does not occur. The main cause of fires - the actions of people. Accidental or deliberate were these actions - the story is silent. And what does plankton die from? From chemical pollution of the ocean with various detergents and toxic substances. Particularly large pollutions and massive mortality of plankton arise from oil spills. Has anyone heard of any fountains of oil that have been beating for several months lately? Here I am about the same! We are systematically destroyed! It's time to assemble a team from Bruce Willis, Onotole, Obi Wan and Stallone, let them save the Earth!


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