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Yahoo! switches to Bing search engine already this week


The contract that Microsoft and Yahoo! Inc. more than a year ago, provides for the gradual transition of your own search service Yahoo! (which in the United States still holds the second position in the number of processed user requests), on the technology of the Bing search service from Microsoft. Since the conclusion of the contract, both companies have done a lot to accomplish this goal (with the exception of the Japanese division of Yahoo !, which, unexpectedly for Microsoft, began to cooperate with Google). And now the leadership of both companies announced that this week Yahoo! on Bing to be held.

In addition to the integration of search services, other clauses of the contract will be implemented in practice, for example, the formalization of advertising deductions from Microsoft by Yahoo !, for using the Bing search engine. Already today in some localizations of Yahoo! A footnote appeared that the search works on the basis of the Bing search service.
Interestingly, as a result of this merger, some free services from Yahoo! have become paid. First of all, we are talking about the BOSS (build your own search service), a service that provided users with the opportunity to create their own search engine based on Yahoo technologies! .. True, this service still remains the responsibility of Yahoo! Inc.

But for the Yahoo Search Monkey service, things are worse - the functionality generally goes into oblivion. But above the development of this search technology, which is largely based on semantics, the Yahoo! worked for more than two years, starting in 2008.

The integration of search services first takes place in the United States and Canada, countries where both search services are quite popular, which means that after the merger they will bring considerable profit (in any case, companies are hoping for it). Then come the turn of other countries, including Russia. Of course, neither CIS nor Bing or Yahoo are popular enough in the CIS, but integration will nevertheless be carried out everywhere (probably, except Japan, if Microsoft cannot prevent the transaction of the local branch of Yahoo! and Google).

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