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How are people logged in RuNet

In the wake of this post , I publish data on the situation in the Runet. In this case, Loginza has emerged as the “common” authentication operator in this case. Data collected for three full months and half of August.

The first place is occupied by the great Runet evil (so far irreplaceable for me personally, because of its ubiquity - where else would I be able to find an SUV for filming or a photographer on a backstage in two hours?) Vkontakte.ru The number of visits under this account amounted to almost 14 thousand during the study period, which is a percentage of about 45%.


In second place is the hero of burzhunet, who won there with a clear advantage, Google. Its result is 5.5 thousand (≈18%).
Behind him, with almost identical results, follow mail.ru (3.6 thousand / 12%) and Yandex (3.4 thousand / 11%).

With results twice as small as the previous couple, a duet of megapopular foreign services follows: Twitter and Facebook. 1.6 thousand (5.2%) went under the first one, and 1.4 thousand (4.5%) under the second one.

Loginza, which provided the widgets themselves, also offers its own account. Under it for 3.5 months logged in ≈600 times (2%).

Accounts of other services did not score a percentage, so I will not mention them separately. Total group from rambler, myopenid, lastfm, webmoney, openid, steam, flickr, aol scored 750 hits or 2.4%.

But what trends emerge in the use of sharing with different accounts. The data for the whole of August are extrapolated.


It cannot be called otherwise than rapid growth (of which all curves). Obviously, the contact is knocked out because of a huge audience. If we take into account the number of users, in VKontakte (80 million mostly Russian-speaking users), it turns out that only every six thousand adept went under his akkom to a third-party site through Loginza. Facebook has the same (≈600 thousand Russian-speaking), it turns out that every four hundredth.

Data provided by the user Arsenichev , for which he thanks.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102053/

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