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Keep eyes safe

eye Healthy eyes - an important component of any person. After all, the skill to type the text "blindly" does not mean that the person is ready to completely abandon his eyes. Eyes - a window to the world. Window and into the world of IT. Without a relatively good vision, much would be incomprehensible. Much would not be so beautiful. Therefore, let's take care of your eyes! Thanks to them, we still see a lot!

Fortunately, the era of CRT monitors, which has planted many eyes, has long ended. But it turns out, there are enough problems with modern monitors. Let's try to figure out where these problems lie and find ways to fix them.

The main problem that lies in the constant work in front of the monitor is the so-called “dry eye syndrome”. It is observed in almost everyone who looks at the monitor more than three hours a day. The consequences of this syndrome may not be very pleasant, most likely - very unpleasant. Symptoms of this syndrome are redness, burning, sensitivity to bright light, pain, etc. In fact, the dryness of the eye is directly dependent on the blink rate, and as you know - the blink rate when working in front of the monitor is reduced more than four times.

Eye relief

To avoid “dry eye syndrome”, in principle, not much is needed. The first thing to watch out for is how often we blink while sitting at the monitor. At the moment there are many reminder programs that will help you not to forget about blinking and often break away from the monitor. And if you blink, but you feel that the mucous membrane is not sufficiently moistened, preparations such as Artificial Tears may come to the rescue.
Your eyes “will tell you“ thank you! ”“ If you will deliberately give them time. It's great if during the day you will find a few minutes in order to train your eyes, not for a long time looking up from the monitor. In order to relieve the tension in the eyes, it is inevitable when working at a computer, sometimes it takes a little more than just breaking away from the monitor. Try to follow daily the following recommendations:

Such short breaks will help the eyes not to get stuck in one position and thereby develop different groups of eye muscles.

Proper organization of the workplace

From the foregoing it is clear that for comfortable work at the computer there is not enough only a good monitor with the highest degree of protection. Much depends not only on this. Something can be improved in the work environment as a whole. I tried to collect the most important recommendations and this is what happens:

At last

It seems that in order to protect your eyes you do not need much, you just need to remember them regularly and give them the necessary rest and distraction. Remember, blinking is a must! This will protect your eyes from drying out and inflammation in front of the monitor.

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