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Experiment: large bulletin board Habrahabra

Habr has long been more than a blog service - this is a full-fledged community. And the community differs from blogs by the presence of developed horizontal links between the participants inside. I want to conduct an experiment on establishing one more type of such today. If it does, we will make the format regular.

So, I announce this topic Habradoskoy ads. All that you want to find, ask, give, buy, sell, exchange - write in the comments.

This is not a buffet, here only practical questions are asked and only useful answers are expected.
Part of the branches announced in the post.

PS Only for Habr. The board will be published either in personal blogs or in offtopics. On the glagna you will not see it;)

PPS I already said goodbye to karma. I still have too much of her.

Today we have or are looking for:

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