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Hard to be jobs

Why did Jobs predict the end of flash technology? He says that the flash player is full of bugs and holes, and he is right. But this is half-truth, and half-truth, as you know, is a lie.

It is hard to believe that Apple and Adobe through joint efforts, while the iPhone exists, could not find a technical solution to the problem. I think there was no joint effort, Apple sabatiroval its part. Why? Because flash applications are App Store competitors. If Flash worked on the iPhone and iPad, this would lead to the fact that a significant part of the applications would pass by the App Store, and therefore the proceeds for them would go past the pocket of the shareholders of Apple.

Nobody argues that Adob ​​inherited flash from Macromedia in the form of errors and problems. Macromedia is generally the office. They killed the Director, Freehand, simply because they stopped developing. They killed xRes - a promising competitor to Photoshop (which I did a review for iNTERface 12 years ago). Flash was originally the development of a small startup, bought by Macromedia in the late 90s. From a small vector animation program for the Internet, Flash under the leadership of Macromedia turned into a multimedia monster with two competing scripting languages ​​using a confused syntax and a bunch of bugs due to the fact that the engines didn’t change, but the functionality was hung.
They began to look for a solution for a long time and they began to switch to an XML-like language called Flex (by the way, open source). 6-7 years have passed since it became known about him before he allowed to actually do something. This is a long time. Nevertheless, the output is that we have a full cycle technology:

1. Flex is an XML-like language convenient for both hand-coding and program generation (!).

2. Flash Builder - an environment for programming on flex.

3. Flash Catalyst - a program for creating interactive content by a designer without writing code.

4. Illustrator and Photoshop are powerful graphic editors who have learned how to create and edit flex graphics and support the work of a rather simple Catalist.

5. Flash Player - since version 9, it supports flex.

So there are powerful tools for developing interactive graphics of any complexity, and, pay attention, designers who do not write code. It is possible to modify the result of a direct edition of the code. And there is a platform - Flash Player, which allows all this to run from the end user.

The disadvantage is Flash Pro, which is still a massive development tool that does not work with flex and produces the same content that consumes processor resources and battery energy. But this is a matter of several years, when the flex-development environment will develop so much that you can send Flash Pro to a dump.

What do competitors have? There is Silverlight from Microsoft. Its main advantage is that by threatening a flush, Adob ​​moves and develops the latter. Silverlight is not a full cycle technology. It does not have the support of powerful graphic editors similar to Illustrator and Photoshop. Ekspreshn (recently sold) is a competitor to Illustrator like Nokia Eple on the smartphone market.

There is also HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, so much loved by Jobs. With all the obvious advantages, this is not a competitor of Flash technology, no matter what Jobs says. You need to be a coder to work with all this. How many intelligible development tools in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript without code, i.e. in visual mode does not exist. This means that most designers will not be able to work with it directly.

About how the founders of Adobe in the early 80s created the PostScript language, for several years they were unsuccessfully waiting for designers to learn how to write code in a C-like language in the interesting post by Mordi Golding “ CSS is the new Photoshop? You got it all backwards ... "

Here is a fragment of it:
<...> It was not a problem. familiar?). It was granted a computer program (granted, using the arcane Pen tool). Illustrator was basically the end of PostScript. <...>

Steve Jobs is not a god, he can be wrong, he can be cunning. As the head of Apple, his task is to deal with everything that represents a threat to the company. Warmed up with a buggy flush iPhones and iPads with a fitted battery is not what we all want. However, the main fighter with the "Big Brother" - Jobs himself became like a Big Brother. Let us work with a flash player at your own risk. Why not ship it with iOS in a disconnected form, so including its user would receive a warning that this leads to the device warming up and battery landing - then it is his problem and a blow to Adobe’s reputation.

However, there are plenty of idiots who do not see causal relationships. Instead of “I turned on the flash player and the battery came from this” - just “my iPhone has a battery”. Those. This is a blow to the reputation of Eple.

Hard to be Jobs.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102035/

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