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Qualcomm - “Gigahertz something superfluous”


Qualcomm announced a new dual-core 45-nm Snapdragon QSD8672 at 1.5 GHz with support for video playback at 1080p. Deliveries will begin in the 4th quarter of this year, devices on new chips will appear, respectively, somewhere in the middle of the next.

Target devices for new chips (in a direct speech from the company's vice president) are smartphones, tablets and low-cost laptops. To increase the operating time of the kernel can work independently - for example, one at full speed, the other at this time "resting."
As for me, the chip is quite suitable for 8-10 ”tablets and netbooks (with power correction), for smartphones it is doubtful. Who really needs to play 1080p video on a 3, 4 inch screen? Two 1.5-GHz cores - is it not better to optimize software for existing flagship chips (the same Snapdragon and Hummingbird).

So I see the new HTC Superior with a 5.3-inch screen and a working time of 6 hours.

In general, progress is great.

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