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Groupon bought his Russian clone (Darberry.ru)

Groupon Group Shopping is considered to be one of the most fashionable trends in online business recently. It is not surprising that in six months or a year his clones appeared in many countries of the world, and even in RuNet there are more than a dozen, new ones appear every week: biglion.ru, kupikupon.ru, vigoda.ru, groupicon.ru, weclever.ru, bigbuzzy. ru, fun2mass.ru, izumgoroda.ru, kupibonus.ru, grupper.ru, MoyKupon.ru, nadovmeste.ru, superkupon.ru and many others. One of the first such services was Darberry.ru , which was launched in March 2010.

Today it became known that the Chicago-based company Groupon buys its competitors from Japan and Russia. Darberry was chosen among Russian companies. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. The company's founder, Elena Masolova, says: “I cannot name the numbers, there is a lot of indecent there, but it is stretched in time (which suits us perfectly). We were already profitable when we made a deal, and doubted whether we needed anyone at all, but their top arrived, told a bunch of pitfalls, stunts, etc., and we were bribed. ” The turnover of Darberry.ru last month amounted to $ 150 thousand, with a margin of more than 50%.

Elena Masolova admits that in the future Darberry can be renamed to Groupon. True, the Russian domain is already occupied by cybersquatters.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102029/

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