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Gadgets and their impact on the industry

More and more, you can see people in the subway and McDonald's who are buried not in the smartphone, but in the reading room, tablet or netbook. Some brazenly sit at the outlet and spend hours on the free Internet. And if we have not yet acquired a mass character, then the restaurants in the United States have already managed to take up arms against such gadzhetofilov.

The New York Times writes that, until now, the cafes and restaurants of major US cities have forbidden to use laptops, but the managers of these establishments do not see the difference between netbooks and tablets - the visitor is asked to turn off the gadget or leave the establishment. This behavior is quite understandable - people who come for the free Internet order tea / coffee from decency and take their place for a very long time. Nevertheless, the restaurants themselves created such a situation, luring visitors with free internet, so probably the free of charge wifi in US restaurants will soon be in doubt.

If this does not happen, restaurants will have to accept - the number of tablets will only grow at an astronomical pace, in addition - there will be gadgets that are difficult to distinguish from accessories. For example, IBM has placed a mobile phone in earrings (a small speaker is hidden in them), and Zypad launches computers inside a wristwatch — their accelerometer responds to the position of the hand and turns off the computer while the arm is down.
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