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We are building an internal portal in the university

Good morning. The fact is that we are building an internal portal for students, and I want to learn how it is from others. And then do (hopefully) better. To do this, I ask you to answer a few questions about how such a portal is used by you. If not used, write too!

1. Name of the university?
2. The platform on which the portal is built (if you know)?
3. Is there access from the outside or only within the walls of the native alma mater?
4. Please write what services were used - class schedule for the group, tuition fees, exams, a dialogue with the dean-teacher-supervisor, access to notes, social groups (forums, galleries), the necessary literature?
5. What did you lack (except for blackjack and poetess)?
6. General impressions?

Many thanks to everyone who participates.

PS Great, if in the comments, there will also be students studying abroad.


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