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GTUG MSK / SPB conduct workshops on Google App Engine on Python & Maps API


Hello friends!

At the end of the summer season, Google Technology User Group Moscow and Saint-Petersburg conducts two seminars on GAE and Maps API v3, v2 in two capitals, respectively!
Speaker: Parunakyan David Alekseevich - Programmer, INP MSU (Research Institute for Nuclear Physics).

David is an active participant in GTUG Moscow, his project was one of ten represented in the Google office on July 7th.

The seminar provides examples of using the GAE, Maps API in various situations related to space research.
It will cover issues of automatic analysis of remote web resources and storing the results in a database, working with large images, visualizing large arrays of numeric data, etc. It will also highlight a wide range of possibilities of drawing objects on Google Maps and their interaction with the user.

The workshop is based on the principle of active learning, i.e. immediately after the story about each topic to consolidate a practical example of the work. In the end, the results of the work will be combined into a full-featured service; Thus, students will be able to achieve a complete understanding of the process of creating a public web service based on Google technologies.

Time spending:

St. Petersburg August 26, 2010 19: 00-22: 00 registration

Moscow September 8, 2010 18: 00-21: 00 registration

Registration is required!


Part 1
Features and limitations of gae.
Creating a new application, integration with an existing site, an overview of the control panel.
GAE Python SDK, application manifest, local server launch, application publishing.
Using Datastore from Python, an overview of the query language GQL, Memcache.
Cron and Gae. Automatic analysis of remote web pages.
Debugging applications logs.
Access to different versions of the application.

Group 1: Creating a mirror archive of TLE files
Group 2: Monitoring data from the ACE spacecraft
Group 3: Monitoring of data on magnetospheric indices

Import large amounts of data into the database (This is a practical task common to all). Indices. Comparison of the performance of various types of databases for scientific data.
UI development of the application. Google Library API and Charts API.
Blobs and GAE storage. Storage and access to large images.

Coffee break

Part 2
What is Maps API v3?
Comments for API developers v2.
Initialize the card module.
Simple: drawing a marker on the specified coordinates, setting a marker icon, dragging a marker, drawing a bubble, setting the limits of the zuming.
Getting geographic data from the server.

Group 1: Drag and drop emoticon that calls the country to which it was dropped. Use the Google AJAX Search API to find and display in a bubble a flag, population, capital of a country and a link to its page in wikipedia (the language of the wikipedia section should correspond to the preferences of the user’s user agent).
Group 2: Bot to play cities (the user clicks on the city, the program calculates the name of the city, and if he clicked on the city, the name of which begins with the name of the previous city chosen by the bot, it selects the city that starts at the last letter of the “custom” city and shows above him a smiley and his name in a bubble.
Drawing lines and broken lines. Drawing polygons.
Drawing the current position of the selected satellite of the Earth, its orbit on ± two turns, and the field of view. Use of the GAE mirrors developed in practice using TLE files to calculate the orbit.

Since in the course of the seminar there will be inserts from practical examples, it will be useful to prepare: to make a series of not tricky operations and not to waste time at the seminar.

(For Debian / Ubuntu users. The rest of the packages will look like)

Need python-2.5 (important version)

SSL support (needed for downloading software to the server and for remote shell):
sudo aptitude install libssl-dev
wget pypi.python.org/packages/source/s/ssl/ssl-1.15.tar.gz
tar -xzf ssl-1.15.tar.gz
cd ssl-1.15
sudo python setup.py install
rm /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ssl/__init__.pyc # Without this line there will be an error

Python-pysqlite2 and libsqlite3-0 packages

Installing the Eclipse plugin with code.google.com/appengine/articles/eclipse.html

Well that's all! See you at the seminar ... =)

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