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Contest osbygoogle.ru: Author of the month - 1000 rub!

Hello, dear passers. =)

Today we want to invite you to participate in the development of the project and try on the role of the author of articles on the topic of the upcoming Chrome OS.

We always try to maintain the level and a recent survey showed that in most cases they rate “Good” our materials. But this is not enough for us and we believe that we are quite capable of publishing “excellent” articles. And as practice shows, the resource is alive and interesting that makes the audience of this resource. We are sure that deep talents and unexplored writers are hidden in our readers, that it is our readers who will help us turn from a “good” resource into a “great” resource, fill it with even better content and interesting articles.

Autumn is approaching, which means that the Chrome OS is coming out. More and more foreign news is dedicated to this cloud system from Google. Excess material is limited only by your desire to express yourself a little. We give you this chance and even encourage you for feats of quite realistic 1000 rubles , which will be paid to the most active author of the article by the end of this month - August. The winner will be determined by our internal rating system, which will take into account many important factors in addition to the volume and number of articles. We will not disclose the details of the system in order to keep the mechanism for calculating the rating secret from the encroachments of inquiring copyright minds.

In order to become the author of our resource, it’s enough to create an account during a 10-second registration, without fail, specify an email box in your personal account to contact you and, in fact, write articles on Chrome OS.

All articles will be moderated, so there are some requirements to the articles that we ask you to follow so that there is no disagreement:

- Articles must be original, that is, written for the resource osbygoogle.ru
- Articles should somehow relate to Chrome OS, if this is the bare news about a new build of the Chrome browser - we will reject such an article. In the article, the words Chrome OS should be highlighted in bold, as here for example.
- In the headlines of articles can not put an end, but you can put a question or an exclamation mark.
- Articles should be published in sections corresponding to their subject. That is, if you set about reviewing some interesting service that may be useful when used in Chrome OS, then you should post an article in the “Services” section.
- The inserted pictures and videos should not exceed 450 pixels in length. For larger images, use external links by clicking on the layout.
- Use the osbygooglelinecut to hide most of the article under the cut.
- Do not forget to specify tags after the article. Available in English, in Russian. Use existing tags, if they fit the meaning.
- At the end of the article indicate the source, in case you used third-party resources. The format is as follows: [Source: Source_Site].
- No need to specify the authorship, it is automatically displayed at the end of the article.
- We have a very intuitive text editor, but if there are difficulties in preparing the article, do not hesitate to ask us. As an example of a good article, article No. 122 may be appropriate.
- And the last thing: write correctly, please, so that the editors who will check your article do not have suspicions that you have problems with the Russian for the 5th grade.
- On this we give our idea to you and wait for your brilliant incarnations. And the most pleasant thing for the sake of which is to overcome laziness, we mean 1000 rubles, it will be possible to receive if you win via electronic transfer to your wallet in Yandex.Money, or by direct payment to the mobile number you specify, which you agree is pleasant bonus at the end of the month.

We are waiting for your work, dear writers. ;)

PS This month’s authors rating page is http://osbygoogle.com/page/rating.php

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