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How people log in on the Web

Janrain recently published the latest research on the issue of how social networks and services allow people to log in to third-party resources and fumble content online.

As well as in the last, April report, Google and Facebook dominate among the sites that provide the ability to log in to their accounts on third-party sites. Among the visitors of 250 thousand sites using the Janrain Engage system, 38% are included under Google accounts.

In second place, of course, Facebook and 24% of the number of authorizations. The third place is occupied by Yahoo with its 14%. Twitter, leading in individual segments, in the total mass shows a result of 5%.

And although Google is leading in the total number of entries, differentially, Facebook confidently ranks first in some areas. And among the media sites in the vanguard are Yahoo users (34%).

Publisher sites often come under Facebook account. And, resolutely more often - 57% of entries, which is almost three times better than the result of the nearest pursuer in the group - Google.


The situation is repeated on the sites of musical orientation. Facebook leads with a very similar result, and Twitter comes second.


Apparently, such Facebook results are related to the fact that representatives of the publishing and music industry themselves use Facebook for promotion, which is why audiences start to overlap to a greater degree.

In matters of sharing, of course, Facebook has no equal. Like buttons look at us from everywhere. Confidently holds the second place Twitter, not so long ago launched its buttons officially.


Interesting trends by which one can judge of some distinctive features of users of different services. Equally interesting is the platform itself, Janrain Engage, which is a serious step towards one account for everything. And I mean not only online.

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UPD: How are people logged in Runet.

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