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GrowthUP. We started

We run the incubator . We have invested in it a two-year experience of working with entrepreneurs who have no experience, the experience of our partners abroad, the experience of the Kiev community, which has been gathered around the Startup Crash Test for a year and a half.

How do we differ from traditional incubators and what do we take from the best world experience? Looking a couple of years at the activities of our partners ( SeedCamp , Founders Institute , SVB Accelerator , PlugAndPlay ) and came to the conclusion that Ukrainian (and Russian) startups do not need premises. This problem is solved by finding a cheap room (small office or apartment), and even work from home in the early stages. Most often, start-ups need help in building a company, preparing documents, and entering the market. Actually, we created a set of seminars and coaching sessions , provided access to experts and created an effective system of communication with them.

The second problem is that our start-ups cannot pay for the services of such an incubator; they do not have the opportunity to pay for educational programs hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a month. We solved this problem in two ways: we persuaded the partners and sponsors to finance the costs of the first two stages of the incubator session and for entrepreneurs this is free, the third part of the session costs the startup 5% of the statutory fund. Thus, we want the basic training program to pass the largest possible number of entrepreneurs (with more or less adequate projects) for free, for those who do not have a project or the project is recognized as weak, we will take a small payment.
Now we are recruiting businessmen for the first autumn session, at which we will work out all the mechanisms of the incubator, then from 2011 we plan to do 4 three-month sessions per year. While there may be inconsistencies and glitches, with which we will fight as much as possible.

During this session, we will dramatically increase the number of experts , accredited investors , service provider in. And I think that in 2011 we will pass several hundred entrepreneurs through the incubator, which will bring new knowledge and experience to the Ukrainian, and possibly Russian, Internet community.

UPD : both legal and accounting assistance are planned.

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