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let's get acquainted


Good day, habra people! We, RCase , welcome everyone and wish you a good working week.
This is our first post on Habré, and there are a lot of them planned, so let's immediately get to know each other as closely as possible.
Since, unlike the rest of the world, habrauys are reading long posts diagonally , we will try to be brief. In the welcome post, we will (a) tell about ourselves, (b) briefly describe the plan for our stay in Habré.

About Us.

We have been working for 7 years in the IT industry market, providing large and small corporate clients with services to ensure the security of the local network, analytics and control of users' Internet activity, reduction of traffic costs and much more.
It all started at the beginning of the century ... We were young IT specialists, and, like all “computer workers,” friends asked for help to draw a grid, something else. Then there were friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, and so on. And when among these friends in small cubes small firms with not quite trivial tasks began to fall, we realized that we were able to provide IT services as a registered firm. In addition, we all had a passion for Linux and, to put it mildly, a slight love for the company's products with the letter M (forgive us habr, the situation has not changed since then :)).
Our company has a young face. The average age of employees is 29 years. Our team is energetic, self-confident specialists with many years of experience in their field.
We are inspired by the most modern technologies, services aimed at fault tolerance and usability. We are proud to create high-quality and effective solutions to provide management tools for people who do not have a higher technical education.
We are building our commercial offers, so that even small companies, using our services, could save on creating their own IT security and Internet management department in a broad sense.

About our services.

Our main child - R.Gate - a small and useful box. R.Gate is a device that allows you to integrate office computers into a local network and perform all the functions of a switch; This makes it possible with unprecedented ease to give control of the network to the hands of even a fair-haired secretary!
Initially, we invented R.Gate for our own convenience and used it ourselves, without selling it as a product. We generally believe that the best things come out when you do them for yourself. Over time, R.Gate was refined and expanded in functionality, and at one point it became clear that it was good enough to compete with similar devices on the market.
Naturally, RCase provides customers with more than a device; we undertake the execution of all work, usually lying on the shoulders of the IT-department.
By the way, despite the fact that our company is based in Moscow, we provide services throughout Russia and neighboring countries (for example, in the coming weeks we are planning to enter into an agreement with one large Kiev company).

About us and Habré.

In our immediate plans - to highlight in more detail in Habré the above mentioned R.Gate , and also to share the experience that our employees have gained over the years in the IT industry. We look forward to dialogue; There are a lot of experienced IT workers among habrayusers, and we would be grateful if we could point out our existing mistakes (if they exist: P) and push us to improve our services.
We want to answer all your questions, and you can ask them at habr in personal messages, by mail: support@red-case.ru, or by phone (495) 661-46-34.

And so you know who you are dealing with, a photo from the family album RCase:

And we are planning discounts for users who decide to use our services. But about this and much more - a little later. See you soon!

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