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Mobile advertising in numbers


At the beginning of this year, we launched the Java application of our voice card service VoiceCards Mobile and, of course, as amateurs experimenting with various types of promotion, we decided to try mobile advertising.

There is a lot of writing and talking on this topic now. There is a section on mobile advertising at any decent conference, but we couldn’t find specific examples with figures that would help us plan RK. We tested several types of mobile advertising in practice and here it is, our review: platforms, pros / cons, financial indicators. We hope it will be useful.
Initial data: the aim of the Republic of Kazakhstan was to obtain the maximum number of downloads of the VoiceCards Mobile mobile application at the lowest price. Users can download the application for free. The application is suitable for any model of cell phone.
Landing page - http://p.voicecards.ru/ .

1. Portals of cellular operators
Advertising format: media banner. Other advertising formats can be obtained only by agreement, with great interest of the operator in cooperation. You can buy advertising through advertising agencies.

Payment: CPM, payment for impressions.

Our experience: Throwing a cursory glance at the budgets set by operators, we sighed and chose the most minimal of the minimum ones :) That's why we tested only one site - wap.megafon.pro. In general, I want offers for small and medium-sized advertisers too. Because to conduct a test campaign with a budget of 100,000 for one advertising space is not for everyone.
Conversion to downloads
Download cost
16,13 rub.

Apparently a lot of traffic, because the shows offered to unscrew at least a day. Conversion to downloads is high, because the audience on the portals of operators is the most active and solvent. But the cost of downloading is still transcendental, especially when compared to other sources.

2. Advertising networks
We placed ads on Wapstart ( http://plus1.wapstart.ru/ ), Multiclick from Mobile Direct ( http://www.multiclick.ru/ ), MobileAds ( http://mobileads.ru/ ).

Advertising formats: media banner, text ad.

Payment: CPM, for shows / CPC, per click / CPA, per action.

Our experience:
Advertising network
Conversion to downloads
Download cost
After the test RC, they bought immediately downloads at a fixed price.
3.72 rubles
1 rub.
3.21 rub.
0.9 rub.
2.98 rub.

Why do we like ad networks? Basically, for the fact that you can start a campaign in 1 day and spend on it exactly as much as you are willing to spend. In mobile advertising networks, everything is just that - fast, easy, affordable.

Most liked Multiclick with its ability to pay directly per download, despite the fact that it comes out a bit more expensive. It is convenient to plan and it is incredibly pleasant to pay just for the action performed by the user.

The main advice during the RC, which really works: change advertising materials. Updating them about once every 1–1.5 weeks helps maintain conversion at a fairly high level.

3.SMS and MMS distribution
Mailings can be carried out independently if you already have a base of telephone numbers of your clients, or with the help of mobile operators.

Advertising format: text message (+ media for MMS).

Payment: for sending one message, sold in packages of several thousand.

Our experience: We carried out SMS-mailing independently among the users of our service and this is what we got as a result:
SMS sent
Conversion to downloads
Download cost
9.2 rub.

Due to low conversion, this type of advertising cannot be called effective for us. Not the biggest cost of the download was ensured only by the fact that we carried out the mailing ourselves. If you use the services of the operator, everything would be much sadder.

Maybe the number of SMS mailings to the average user has already exceeded the permissible norms ... and the received message is most likely sent to the Deleted ones.

Or maybe subscribers simply do not understand what they are offered to do. After all, to fit an advertising message in 70 characters, including a link, it takes years of training. This is even less than on Twitter!

Total: for our product, the best sites provide advertising networks. A large amount of traffic, relevant audience and as a result - a high level of conversion.
If you also conducted experiments with mobile RK - share. Which sites work best for you?

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