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The first release of the game 0 AD

August 16, saw the light of the first alpha release of open source games 0 AD Alpha 1 Argonaut. Available binaries for Windows, Linux and OS X. The game is a RTS on the theme of the ancient war (500 BC - 500 AD). According to the authors, this is the first in 9 years of development version of the game, which can already be played. True, at the moment only multiplayer game is implemented.

New in the game:
  1. Maps : Added new cards “Arcadia” and “Hellenized Egypt”, improved map “Multiplayer demo”, added test description to maps.
  2. AI : Added AI animals - now they run away when danger arises. AI units reworked - order queues, auto-attack, etc. added
  3. GUI : Added in-game chat, fixed work on widescreen resolutions and many other minor changes.
  4. Graphics : Added floating decorative objects, the destruction of buildings and the decay of corpses.
  5. Installation and compatibility : Added installer for Windows and packages for major Linux distributions. Improved compatibility with no 3D acceleration. Improved compatibility with FHS when installing in Linux.
  6. Other : Added a smoothing tool to the map editor, added sound effects, improved performance and fixed bugs.

What is missing:
As usual, the project requires volunteers for development.
Game site
Original source - linux.org.ru


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101949/

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