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Analyze it - 2. CMS Market Research in Russia 2009-2010

image Analytical portal of the web development market CMS Magazine in partnership with the rating project “Rating Runet” published a study of the CMS market. Main topics: trends and current market conditions.

Continuing the tradition , we lay out the basic initial data to give you the opportunity to draw your own conclusions.


Let me remind you can:
1. Filter and group data by geography (country, federal district of Russia, city) and "age" of CMS partners.

For example , you can see which types of CMS studios use Siberia.

2. Select at once several blocks of information for analysis. For example , which types of CMS and which systems specifically use Moscow studios, which appeared on the market 2-3 years ago.

3. Get a link to any generated report (see examples above).

4. See the information both in tabular form and in the form of a diagram (thanks to Google Charts :-)).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101945/

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