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El Dorado. Equipment demonstration service

Kazan Shop "Eddorado." I went to buy a TV tuner for a computer. After a brief examination of the window, one of the TV tuners was chosen. He called the sales assistant to inspect the goods (I was particularly interested in whether it was possible to plug a regular TV cable into it), check the equipment and find out the characteristics of the equipment. The sales assistant unpacked the goods, said something like installing the disk, inserting the cable and watching TV. On the question whether everything works, we can check, it was answered that everything works. I believed, said that I take the goods and was issued such a check:

sales receipt

In the check, I was very embarrassed by the second line, “The demonstration of the works is set. equipment "and its amount of 40 rubles. After a ten-minute dispute with the seller-consultant about what kind of service it is (never had been before), which was not mentioned at the beginning, and how the TV tuner works (installation on a computer, setting up programs, etc.). . P.) I was never shown; the sales assistant from my personal pocket gave me 40 rubles. At this dispute was settled.
The question is, is this a long time ago or some local initiative? Or is it just now that I fell from the moon?

Trifle, but you can go one day to work on the bus to and fro.

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