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60 games at the start of Windows Phone 7


During the GamesCom conference, Microsoft announced the data on the starting lineup of games for Windows Phone 7. The popular blog Engadget received the information before anyone else and published it on his website .

It has long been known that WP7 supports the development of XNA games that were previously made for desktop and Xbox Live. Now most of the arcade games from Xbox Live can be ported to the WP7 mobile platform.
Windows Phone 7 will offer full integration of your mobile with Xbox Live:The starting lineup of games contains such famous titles as: Assassins Creed, Castlevania, Crackdown 2, Earthworm Jim, Guitar Hero 5, Halo Waypoint, Puzzle Quest 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Star Wars. Full list of starting line under the cat. There are several demonstration videos available on the Engadget website .

Games on the launch of Windows Phone 7:

Microsoft promises even more games before the Christmas holidays and the release of new games from Xbox Live to WP7 every week, as happens on the Xbox 360.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101936/

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