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MobileDays - our mobile application development conference.

In recent years, there has obviously been a trend towards an increasing emphasis on mobile applications and the use of feature-rich portable devices in all areas of life.

It is clear that there is a need for people involved in the development of various applications for modern powerful mobile platforms. But where to take them? Quite a lot of young, talented and ambitious representatives of the IT-industry still with trepidation and distrust relate to the creation of software for portable devices, leaning on the good old, but inexorably less and less relevant things. We believe that many of them lack just a small stimulus, a gesture of support, to release an avalanche of energy and new ideas.

We decided that this kind of positive effect can be played by a good conference organized by our own, where everyone can get the necessary initial knowledge, positive emotions and ambitions, find like-minded people, communicate with local industry leaders and discover the horizon of new mobile development opportunities. .
That's why my friends and I are organizing a mobile development forum in St. Petersburg in November. Anyone who is interested in this event - please leave your wishes and vote for good ideas here: http://mobiledays.reformal.ru/ - so that we can take into account your wishes while there is still time.

And here: http://bit.ly/mobiledays - you can leave your email address, so as not to miss the moment when there will be more information and the site will open. Wishes and suggestions for help can be written in a personal.

Thank you for your attention and successful mobile development!

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