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Opera House: Opera Desktop Team


So, the heat subsided a bit - both in central Russia and in the development department of Opera Software - the most time to find out about opera secrets in the field of browser building. According to an approved schedule not so long ago - this interview will be devoted to the development of the Opera browser: how does this mystery occur, what is the mess with the version and build numbers, “Opera BTS - myth or reality?” Browser to your mailbox on mail.ru - team leaders, the most important people from the department responsible for the desktop development area, will answer these and many other equally important questions today.

Assuming a large number of questions, I agreed at once with two respondents - well-known to those habilitators who often look at the blog of the Opera Desktop Team . We meet guests:

image Olafur Arnason , better known as Olli - the leader of the development team of the desktop version of Opera, one of the "patriarchs" of our company, who has worked at Opera since 1998. He can tell not only about the current state of affairs in the opera "kitchen", but also recall the old days when the Opera browser took only the first steps in the possession of such mastodons like Netscape and Internet Explorer.
image Huib Kleinhout is the lead manager for the desktop browser development team. He has been working in the company for 5 years and knows almost everything about the features that have been, are and will be in Opera.

By the way, both of today's guests as the home page in the browser, apparently, keep the opera BTS, because active discussion of the next bug fixes involving Ollie and Huiba often takes place deep into the night and at the weekend.

That is, in general, for now. As usual - questions are taken in the comments during the week from the date of publication of this topic, the estimated date of publication of the answers is the end of August.

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