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Solving the password problem

Once a girl came to me with a complaint that when she types in a Word, the wrong letters that she presses are typed. Surprised by this, I decided to look at what is happening. It turned out that the girl had nail extensions, which prevented her from typing properly. The problem was resolved with a few scissors movements.

It often happens that it is difficult for us to understand ordinary users, those who do not quite understand the difference between a coffee stand and a floppy disk drive, or those who throw floppies into the system unit where the floppy is not installed. Such unreasoning, and inconsistency in mutual understanding often leads to an even greater stupor of the user and, in turn, loss by the administrator of nerve cells. * Create an even simpler interface, and the world will create an even more stupid user * - these words say everything. Most users consider themselves sufficiently qualified, but in reality this is only a way of self-defense of their dignity - precisely because of the unwillingness of the user to agree with his true level of knowledge, and there is an increasing degradation and retreat to simpler interfaces.

But do not dwell on the global problem * user - computer *. The current task is to minimize the number of lost nerve cells of the admin and maximize the productivity of the user's independent work with the computer.
It is no secret that a significant share of all the problems of users is the form of authorization, namely, entering a password. Judge for yourself - when you search for letters on the keyboard for a long time, and then, looking at the monitor, you see several stars instead of all your work - this can ruin your whole future life ... But let's not talk about extreme cases - there are still not so many of them. But here's * forgetfulness * to switch the layout, press the capslock, or, finally, leave Shift alone - a very, very common problem when entering a password. And closing it with * asterisks * sometimes turns the task of entering a password into torment for the user, charging the nth information system that * it is not allowed on the site *, and eventually results in an early admin of gray. Well, to simplify the life of yourself and the user is not at all difficult. I propose the following solution: If the password is entered incorrectly, then to say that the password is not correct is not enough, you need to enable the user to see what he entered. The implementation of this technique is demonstrated on the screenshots below - if the password or login is not correct, you can simply click on the link * show password * - and it will immediately become clear what the reason is.

there is no password here yet:

easy click on the link - and all the problems off!

At the same time, the user is pleased - it is always easy to understand why a problem has arisen, and the admin has less bad work. As a result, we have a great help to the user in entering the password on the one hand, and sufficient security on the other, because if you have an enemy worker behind your back and you forgot the password, you can go the old way, don’t look at the incorrectly entered asterisks, but try to guess at what's the reason, or just wait until the spy on his back gets hungry (carefully, not suitable for an Internet cafe!).

Live can be seen here .

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