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Personal identification on gosuslugi.ru

“The system is as safe as its weakest link.”

After reading a few topics about the portal gosuslugi.ru, I decided to try out some of the proposed services. In particular, I was interested in information about the traffic police fines (I travel a lot in different regions and I can forget about some fines). And also it would be nice to study the information about your pension "savings".

So, everything in order.
Registration on the portal includes four actions:

1) Filling out the registration form (note, passport details are not specified)
2) Check the correctness of the entered e-mail address
3) Check the correctness of the entered mobile number (SMS comes)
4) Online verification of the accuracy of the entered numbers SNILS and TIN (apparently, check on some basis of the tax)
5) Receiving by mail of a registered letter with the activation code of the account of the Portal of public services
The first four items are performed fairly quickly and often without any problems. I would like to dwell only on the fifth paragraph, the responsibility for which is borne by our valiant Russian Post.

About a week after filling out the form on the site and all possible confirmations, I began to check my mailbox for a receipt from the post office. I live in Yekaterinburg, in one of the most remote areas of the city. A couple of times I received packages in this department, which I did not always receive without problems. Especially sad was the situation when the parcel with ebay came in two weeks and was collecting dust in the post office two more due to the fact that I did not receive receipts, and the domestic monitoring lay tight.
So, at about the eighth or ninth waiting letter with the "activation code" from the portal gosuslugi.ru, I looked in the mailbox and found ... correctly, the letter with the activation code .
During the year that I rented this apartment, I was at the post office just a couple of times, that is, I cannot speak of any personal acquaintance.


Thus, it turns out that the next state giant turned out to be the owner of straw legs. And little can be prevented by an evil intentional man who has taken possession of some of your data from gaining access to interesting facts of your life (hello, paranoia!). Do not forget, in the future, the functionality of the portal promises to expand.

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