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Habrafutbol in the northern capital

Hi, Habrayuzer!

As you know, Muscovites have long and successfully gather and organize football battles. And why are we worse? I propose to get together and St. Petersburg. Judging by the comments, there should be enough people willing.

So, the points.


By the time I offer two options:
August 21, Saturday, evening (18:00 and later)
August 22, Sunday, morning, from 11 o'clock

Time is discussed in the comments.

A place

Artificial field with a crumb near the station. m. Petrogradskaya. You can play either 5x5 or 6x6. In the presence of locker rooms, shower. The field is paid - 1000 rubles per hour.
I propose to play on the paid field, because there is no guarantee on the free one that it will be free. In addition, with a sufficient number of participants, the price is quite symbolic.


Habrayuser who want to move in the company of other habrauzerov :-). The minimum number of participants is 10 people. If there is someone who wants to sue - it will be great! I can do it myself, but I want to play :-).


The ball is there, the pump is there, there are capes. Your balls are welcome. In form - I suggest everyone to be in the dark, as the shirt-neck of bright colors.


Water, snacks - your own (who is by car - can bring one 5-6 liter bottle). Press photographers are welcome! I will also take my camera.


In the comments I propose to discuss the time of the match. I ask in the comments to describe those who are going to be, with the indication of information that may be useful: the presence of balls / cameras, the preferred role (special attention to the goalkeepers !).

The time of the game will depend on the number of applicants and we will determine it closer to the end of the week. To run 5x5 will be enough for an hour, and for twenty people an hour is not enough.

With enough people on Thursday evening / Friday morning, there will be another post where I will write the final information; plus notify all unsubscribing about participation. The information will also appear on my twitter .

UPD. Transferred to Khabraskhodka.

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