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A conceptual golf scoring application shows how to properly develop applications for Windows Phone 7

More and more developers show their work in the field of programming applications for Windows Phone 7. Although many of them show great potential, very often you can see flaws that make it clear that we are still not the final "polished" version.

For this reason, the social-oriented demo “Scoring Application” made inside Microsoft is a great example of a third-party application for WP7 that we should expect (if not require) from developers.

The following illustrations are from one of a dozen posts devoted to the “Day of Designing Applications for Windows Phone 7” published today by Jaime Rodriguez which are an excellent resource for any WP7 developer, designer or sympathetic. (The artifacts in the pictures are related to video compression).

Also available is a long video about this application.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101864/

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