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GTUG Campout 2010

GTUG Campout is an annual event where members of the Google Technology User Group design, develop and demonstrate a product within 3 days. This is the extended weekend format, which begins on Friday and ends on Sunday evening. Last year, the theme of the projects was Google Wave, in this - HTML5. Campout this year took place in Silicon Valley, Lagoon (Mexico), Melbourne (Australia), Munich (Germany) and Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).
To see how everything works, you need a browser on the WebKit engine (Safari / Chrome), a Facebook account, opened 12345th port and turned off Kaspersky.

For 2.5 days, Dnepropetrovsk GTUG managed to: discuss HTML5 features, choose the best idea, create a design, program, come up with a name and buy a domain, place the project in production.

For the development was chosen the idea of ​​musical co-creation. Users create their own drummer orchestras and manage instruments in real time.

At the entrance to the “orchestra” a socket connection is established with the server, through which notifications about the pressed bits of the user are sent and information about the bits of other users is received. On the server, we used the phpwebsockets library, which had to be modified, since Safari 5 and Chrome 6 use the 76th draft specification of the protocol , and Chrome 5 - the 75th one.
Unfortunately, attempts to implement the project on the iPad failed. Part of the team, inventing the most sophisticated methods of audio output to mobile WebKit, but unfortunately multi-streaming on mobile devices is still a pipe dream.

During the project, everyone came to the conclusion that using graphic editors for prototyping and creating an interface only slows down the process and everything from mockups to the final glitter should be done immediately in a bunch of HTML + CSS3. This approach allows you to immediately take into account the structure of the code, and work in parallel with the designer and layout designer, or completely exclude the layout process as such.

Development team: Ekaterina Kameneva , Anton Polyakov , Alexander Zaitsev , Nikolai Gladky , Victor Burlyk , Evgeny Poponin , Igor Kryzhanovsky , Vitaly Khit , Alexey Ivankin , Andrei Horsev . Helped with tips: Alexander Kotsyuryuba, Dmitry Sharkov, Igor Oleinik, Alexander Bakharev.

We all got great pleasure from communication and development. HTML5 is the future, and it is terribly beautiful.

Applications that ranked first , second and third place in campout Silicon Valley. German application - StillePost .
Dnepropetrovsk GTUG , Silicon Valley GTUG Campout .

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