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Why are we in this world, or the beginning of the path

Hi, habra people!

Honestly, at first I really wanted to start a pompous blog, with statements from the management, to tell about how our services will change the world and make it more beautiful, but ... We are not here for that, and our main goal is not self-promotion, but communication and exchange of living experience. That is why our first post will be devoted directly to what we know, i.e. ecommerce.

A good academic tone will be a link to the dictionary. Though we are not academicians, we will give a definition, so:
E-commerce is the term used to refer to commercial activity on the Internet. Provides the ability to make purchases, sales, service, marketing activities through the use of computer networks.

So, we can say that e-commerce is the same business activities, only made to the network. So, in fact, there is nothing difficult in it. But, since e-commerce is young both in Russia and in the world, very few people know about it. Therefore, let us briefly describe how it looks in the world and in Russia.

All over the world, including Russia, it is developing. And at an explosive pace. Here are some interesting numbers:

The most famous online store in history, Amazon.com, for the last quarter alone, sold goods at 6.57 billion dollars, which is comparable to the GDP of a small country. And this is only one store ... By the way, this store has another achievement, for 12 months, goods worth $ 1 billion were sold through mobile devices.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to find fresh data on Russian stores, but we found out that about 2.3 million people are engaged in e-commerce in our country, which you will agree is not enough. Moreover, in the future this figure will only increase, as now there is an active connection of new users to the network, and consequently the market will grow.

In addition, there is something in common, the number of users of online stores is growing in Russia and in the world. Recent research in this area has shown that 8 out of 10 Russians over the past year have bought or paid for something online. E-commerce comes, and we will not leave it anywhere.

Instead of an afterword:

Of course, it is very difficult to talk about e-commerce in a blog format. Fortunately, this topic is interesting and underdeveloped, and you can write a whole book about it. In the next article, we will talk about such things as mobile payments, a direction that is developing rapidly, and about which few people know. Stay tuned!

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