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I will be brief - today in Luzhniki a friendly match will take place, the national team of Habr against Intel. The action will begin at 20 o'clock, anyone can join - details under the cut.


As usual , this Saturday we played on Akademka. But something was not as usual. Firstly, we changed the field - our traditional one that evening was heavily occupied, so we had to go to a large playground without a gate, where local children played. Shkoloty was dispersed. We occupied half of the field, having built an improvised gate from the bags that came - ttt, not a single laptop was hurt.

Secondly, at last, no one took the ball with him and this was a wonderful reason to buy our first habram.
But most importantly, we finally assembled a habrakommandu, the composition of which will be presented for the first time today at a friendly meeting with Intel. We are waiting for all participants in the Saturday game and rivals today on the field. Ole-ole-ole!


image The gathering on the mini-football field (No. 27; bottom right on the map) will take place at 19:30, and already at 20:00 the teams will put up 7 players each. The tribune, as such, is not, but it is very possible to come to see - we hope it will be interesting. Those who go by metro - we meet at the station "Sparrow Hills" at 19:10. If someone takes a good camera with them, it will be generally wonderful.

image The game is organized with the most direct support of Intel, which rented a field for this event in the Luzhniki sports town, thanks to the lobbying abilities of Boomburum , as well as one of the main inspirers of Habrafootball Andorro and the information support of his company Good Projects .

As always, you can follow the announcements of events on the Habraskhodka blog and on Twitter using the #habrafootball tag. Give us a healthy lifestyle!

Live broadcast and recording of games - as usual, on our channel in realuk.tv . Today's broadcast will start at 20 o'clock, comments berq22

* UPD * Men in blacks

Habrakommanda, I draw your attention to the fact that it will be necessary to come NOT in white T-shirts, but in black T-shirts.

* UPD 2 * Photos

Others who photographed the game, please send photos (or links to them) to egorkotkin@gmail.com - add to the report the best photos and links to albums. Thank!

See you on the field!

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