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DocMe - youtube for documents

image I want to introduce you to our young, but interesting project - DocMe.ru , which is now undergoing a public beta test. The service is intended for the publication of documents of various text formats. I will not list foreign counterparts, I am sure that the audience of Habr faced them.

Instead of going into the description of opportunities in which anyone will understand during the first minute of being on the site, I'd rather tell you a few facts related to the work of the project:

In our near future plans:

I will be glad to answer any questions and suggestions in the comments.
Update: Unfortunately, habraeffekt was not in vain. New instances with converters do not have time to be loaded under the pressure of thousands of manual programming manuals. With all the proletarian responsibility, I declare that usually the time of converting an average document is up to one minute, in contrast to the current 20-30 minutes.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101852/

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