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ABBYY Lingvo for Mac

As already noted on Habré, finally, Mac users have the opportunity to translate words using ABBYY dictionaries (lingvo online does not count). Moreover, one Habrayuzer even wrote a review of our program.

Therefore, we will not write about the program itself. We just want to say that Lingvo for Mac was created in close cooperation with our future users: we communicated in forums, discussed and considered their proposals and, of course, are very grateful to everyone for their ideas, interest and support. However, since this is the first experience of the Lingvo team in developing for Mac, we understand that there are bugs in the program, so we look forward to further interaction with users. And we want to begin this new stage of interaction with habrap Mac users to tell us about how they see Lingvo for Mac 2.0! And in order to help them in this, five who wish, noted in the comments, have already received the keys to the download version of our program and are preparing to tell us about what they would like to see in the next version!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101848/

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