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Conversation with the client in the usual banner

The company “ Krible ” presents to the market a new advertising opportunity - a service of communication with visitors in a flash banner.

If you have already placed image advertising on popular websites, and want to increase the effectiveness of advertising investments, you can embed a communicator in banners that are already running on the site. Then the image banner will continue to perform its functions: show the same pictures, make transitions to your site by clicking, but when you click on the button to start the dialogue, the user initiates a chat with a consultant of your company, staying on the site. Moreover, if the manager-consultant leaves the computer, the banner will again perform image tasks, and the chat invitation button will disappear.

Thus, the loss of customers is reduced when website visitors are converted into buyers. It is noteworthy that the communication component can be embedded in a banner already working on the site, through which visitors continue to make transitions to the advertiser's site, if they click on any place of the banner, except for the dialogue invitation button.

So, the new communication service allows you to buy goods directly while viewing ads. Being interested, being under the impression of the advertised product, the site visitor can contact the consultant directly in the flash banner without going to the site. It is known that a significant portion of visitors who have viewed an advertisement does not bother to go to the advertiser's site. At this stage, sales funnels occur considerable losses of potential customers. Banner with the possibility of chat allows you to significantly reduce these losses and make a purchase, at least one step closer.

This is what a regular banner or dialogue banner looks like when the manager is away from the computer.

By clicking on the invitation button to the dialogue, the user can ask their questions to the consultant

This is a banner with a chat window

Example of a running banner: demo site
One of the advantages of the product is the simplicity and clarity of communication technology, both for the client and for the consultant. Chat is organized on the basis of the jabber messaging protocol, which is used in well-known communicators like QIP, Psi, Adium and the like. In such programs, any manager can work. This technology allows one consultant to communicate simultaneously with several clients in different dialog boxes. Monitoring of the work of consultants is carried out easily - the logs of all negotiations are saved, and can be analyzed at any time.

It will be especially logical and convenient to use the service of direct communication in an advertising banner for companies selling more or less complex products, the purchase of which is usually preceded by finding out a lot of details about the product. For example: the sale of cars, electronic equipment, travel products, banking services, etc.

Let us briefly consider several scenarios for the effective use of banners with a communicator:

The proposed price of one dialogue is about 15 rubles per chat. However, the cost of contact is still being discussed, because you should take into account that the advertiser has already paid for the display of his banner, and the possibility of communication increases the effectiveness of advertising and is paid additionally. The fee is charged for each contact with the client, after sending him a message - the money is deposited to the account on an advance payment and spent as advertising works.

To start an advertising campaign using direct communication with the buyer, the advertiser is registered in the krible.ru system. The designer embeds the chat component into the banner, and as a result of the compilation, the banner is produced in the usual format adopted in the swf advertisement. Each type of banner is assigned a unique number to which the seller’s communicator account is attached. This account is transferred to the consultant, he enters it in his instant messenger and starts communicating with customers.

This product is a development of our existing technologies, the company “Krible” specializes in installing online consultations on your website, as well as getting customers from other sites (advertising network “Krible”).

The proposed solution was developed jointly with the b2bvideo.ru company, they integrated our dialogue management service into their video clips technology.

The technology is ready and tested, but not yet available on our website. To organize an advertising campaign with direct communication in banners, contact Crible, and we will organize pilot projects for you using this technology.

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