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Roaming + MTS + Access without settings = Danger!

Good morning, there are a lot of people who don’t like our cellular companies, and here you’re still a reason for me to do this.

Today, while studying my connected services in the Internet assistant from MTS, I found that I was connected to “ Access without settings ”. To not go far, here is how it is described:

With the service “Access without settings” * you can use the Internet, send or receive MMS messages with incorrect settings of your mobile phone **.
Since April 9, 2010 the service “Access without settings” has been added automatically and free of charge to subscribers of all tariff plans *** with GPRS service connected.

I use an ancient telephone without Internet access, so I had never had a chance to be pleasantly surprised that for some reason, I lost extra rubles on invoicing. However, I also have an android, which, as you know, loves to send all sorts of incomprehensible data somewhere. Recalling the recent story about Pchelain and the huge bill, he boldly suggested that there will probably be a lot of subscribers with iPhones this summer, who also sometimes send data through applications that will go, say, to Turkey. And if earlier a small amount was written off for invisible traffic, then in roaming they risk to get money.

A call to the MTS confirmed my assumptions - dear girl Nina said that yes, I'm right, and 30 kb of traffic costs 40 rubles, or vice versa.

So, ladies and gentlemen, be alert and turn off the service when you leave, yes or right now.

The egg operator reports that you can turn off the service yourself:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101834/

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