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OpenSolaris project is closed

However, not everything is so bad :)

In a nutshell: Oracle will continue to develop Solaris as a corporate platform, and simple users will be able to receive releases of Solaris Express from time to time. It's free, but under a commercial license.

Other details:
# Source codes will mostly open under the CDDL license, the practice of opening source codes under the GPL license will also continue. However, the code will not be widely available for some time after its binary version is released in the product, and it will be possible to look at it in published snapshots.
# For partner companies, individual code and compiled modules will be provided in early access mode. Collaboration with collaborative development elements is also possible. An example of such cooperation is the partnership with Intel.
# Solaris developers will be involved in the integration of widely distributed components into their system in tight interaction with upstream. Examples of such components are Apache, Perl, OFED (a set of drivers for working with industrial equipment), Gnome, X11, OpenSSL.
On the Internet, however, a wave of protest against the actions of Oracle is growing. Will this corporation succeed in reviving Solaris - time will tell.

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