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Conflict of Master Password and Login Form

Not that a straight post, rather just a note, for yourself as a web developer and a wish for others.

Recently, it has become very popular to make forms on the sites of entry in the form of popup or traveling panel.
At the same time, the form itself is hidden on the page before activation, but FF (did not try it in other browsers) finds it, and if the password for the site is saved, ask the Master Password.
On sites on which mostly open content and login you rarely use it is very annoying, because each page opening causes a password request.

In this regard, there is a wish for the hidden form to be displayed on the page before displaying, or to have a modified password field so that the browser does not find it. Perhaps there will be a problem of the subsequent auto-filling, but I think it is solved.
I think this is more a browser bug than sites.
While I wrote, I remembered that many sites have open mini login forms on every page, so this problem is not only hidden forms.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101823/

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