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A childless family of millionaires built an "intelligent" robot


It seems that the information age sometimes gives surprises even to the contemporaries accustomed to high technology. For example, well-to-do, but childless spouses, Tony Alice and Judy Alice, did not start a pet or take an orphan into their family. Instead, they brought ... a robot. And the “smart” robot, he can do almost everything that robots created by corporations can do (Sony, for example). Of course, the almost unlimited family budget helped in many ways to create such a miracle, it is unlikely that an ordinary family would be able to do the same. The robot was called Aimec, and its skills are described in detail in the continuation of the article, under Habrakat.

So, Aimec is a complex cybernetic device that recognizes speech (English-speaking), objects, is able to move, and most importantly - has almost unlimited erudition thanks to the Internet. Aimec has a permanent connection to the web, where it draws jokes, questions that are interesting for the "parents" news and much more.
The robot does not just stupidly retell everything that "sees" on the Web, it sets out the answers to the questions orally asked by the creators. The robot, for example, gladly asks questions about the number of satellites in Jupiter, or includes music on request. In addition, he is able to answer numerous family questions himself, and the answers he leaves are quite folding.

The family didn’t just create a robot for themselves - and husband and wife 30 years ago founded a company that started producing robotic toys. Of course, 30 years ago, toys were very different from those that we see now. Spouses, for example, believed that the robots of the future would be huge - and now, you see, their robot, quite modern and “smart,” has the growth of an average child.

The couple has already released a lot of robotic toys, and now they are going to stream their latest creation, Aimec. As we all know, such devices cost thousands, if not millions of dollars. But Aimec will be sold for only 200 pounds, it is quite a significant achievement, which will make such devices available to almost everyone.

It may well be a couple more years to pass, and reviews of smart home robots will appear on Habré? Who knows, but I would like to get a similar toy - although Aimec is so versatile that you can’t call it a toy. If he could still make coffee and get a beer from the fridge - and thousands of euros would not regret it ...

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