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ABBYY Lingvo for Mac Review

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The company ABBYY, and all the products of this company, was associated with me, until recently, exclusively with the world of Windows. But as time goes on and the company expanded its product line, FineReader for Mac was first released, and now Lingvo for Mac. I have to say that the last time I used the products from Abbyy more than four years ago, I cannot compare the difference in the functionality of the Mac version and the Wibdows version. But I’ll say that I use dictionaries for poppy often, even very much, tried both TranslateIt !, Slovoed, and a bunch of other programs, but eventually settled on the built-in Dictionary.app, and can I replace Lingvo with Dictionary.app, now I’ll try sort out.

Description from the program site : ABBYY Lingvo for Mac - an electronic dictionary designed specifically for the Macintosh platform. A unique set of 125 dictionaries contains 6 pairs of translation directions from Russian to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and vice versa. ABBYY Lingvo for Mac also includes explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language, grammar reference books, phrasebooks, linguistic-cultural studies, educational dictionaries and the world-famous English dictionaries of Oxford and Collins. Languages:

The cost of the boxed version is 1,490 rubles, the download version is 1,340 rubles. Immediately it becomes unclear why a user who needs, for example, only English dictionaries, needs to pay for Portuguese, Italian, and so on! By the way, if you are a Windows user, then you have the opportunity to purchase only the English version for only 760 rubles. I suppose that such discrimination of the version for Mac is due to the desire of the company in the shortest possible time to recoup the development costs. Which is completely understandable.

The image of the program weighs 800 megabytes, when installed, it takes a little more than a gigabyte. Why so much? I do not know, I suppose that the whole thing is in audio files with dubbing of words.

Before the launch of the program, I had already read the “enoch” number of disgruntled comments about the terrible interface. And at the first boot I was preparing for the worst, but I didn’t see anything terrible, moreover - the program interface turned out to be more than pleasant. Yes, maybe UI is not so sexy, but it is quite cute. If you really want to take a look at a bad interface, then here’s SlovoEd for Mac.


In the interface, of course, there are flaws, but they are not so serious. Well, that's why I can't turn off unused dictionaries as a class? Unclear…

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It is also not possible to include a sequence of search in dictionaries, that is, to search first in one dictionary, and only then in another. In the same Dictionary.app it is implemented.


And you can only select a dictionary in the search results window. You can see the disadvantages of this in the screenshot below, for example, I would like the dictionary with technical vocabulary to be of higher priority.


There is a pop-up window function with word translation when you hover over it, unlike Dictionary.app in a pop-up window, we are immediately offered several values ​​from different dictionaries (if, of course, the values ​​are not very long and the window size allows them to be placed)


But first of all you need to understand that buying an electronic dictionary, you buy vocabulary byzy and only then a program to use it. But just once his famous dictionaries and Lingvo. Here ABBYY out of competition.
True, the unpleasant surprise was the lack of the ability to connect external dictionaries. What was possible to fix on their own. It is necessary only to throw the dictionaries of the Lingvo format into / Applications / ABBYY \ Lingvo.app/Contents/Resources/Dictionaries/ and fix it with your own hands / Applications / ABBYY \ Lingvo.app/Contents/Resources/ApplicationDefaults.plist .
Lingvo for Mac from ABBYY turned out to be a great product that you can safely recommend to anyone whose work or study is related to foreign languages.

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