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Do not build from scratch. Now you have a template for HTML5 layout.

The love of HTML5 continues to inspire Paul Irish . First, he presented us with Modernizr , and now he has teamed up with Divya Manian to create an HTML5 template that uses advanced techniques so that you can start using it in your practice.

It is, in essence, a good starting point consisting of HTML and CSS, offering also a folder structure that works. But created taking into account the many years of excellence of professionals in the development of the client side. Take a look at the source code to feel what is inside. And if you think that this is too much, just delete the excess.

Right from the site, here are some of the features that make this template wonderful:

Several people say that they have already adapted this HTML5 template for themselves, so it's nice to see it working in live projects. He is a good help.

This project uses the favorite GitHub version control hosting system, so you can take a template from the repository , or download the archive from the site .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101793/

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