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In the US, condemned the idea of ​​Google on the two-tier Internet

About a hundred people staged a rally near Google’s Californian headquarters in protest against the bills under discussion that could violate the principle of net neutrality.

Thus, although access to the network via a dedicated line will remain free, providers will be able to vary prices for content received, for example, via wireless or P2P communication.

According to the rules that Google and the telecom giant Verizon are proposing to introduce, Internet service providers will be exempt from the principle of network neutrality for certain types of network traffic.

On the side of the changes in the regulations are major Internet service providers, such as AT & T and Comcast Corp. Neutrality is supported by many of the largest Internet companies, including eBay, Facebook and Skype.
via ( BBC Russian )

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101779/

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