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Automatic birthday reminders based on data from google contacts

I have been using an Android phone for over a year and a half. Contacts are finally put in order and birthdays have been recorded for many. In order not to forget, as well as not to succumb to provocations (many people like to change their birthday specified on social networks) I reminded myself on a google calendar with repetitions every year. I got tired of stuffing all the data with my hands and I decided to figure out how to automate this issue.

Google Calendar allows you to connect an external calendar with different events including birthdays and from Contacts.

1) Go to Google Calendar. Next in the "Settings Calendar" (Settings)


2) Next, go to the tab "Calendars" (Calendars) and click on the link "View interesting calendars" (Browse interesting calendars):


3) Go to the tab additionally (“More”) and add birthdays (“Contacts' birthdays and events”)


UPD: This option only displays birthdays, but does not give sms, email reminders
For reminders to work, you can use a third-party service.

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