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Millionaire in 16 years

Sixteen-year-old Christian Owens (his mother is a secretary, and his father is a worker at work) first started using a computer at the age of 7, and learning the basic layout and web page design at 10 when he bought his first Mac. Soon, he used his pocket money for his first Mac Box Bundle start-up, which since its launch in 2008 has already earned £ 700,000: the site sells combos from popular Mac programs that cost up to £ 400 separately, and , for example, are sold for £ 100 and moreover they give 10% to charity.
A year later, he launched his second start-up 'Branchr' (another pay-per-click advertising platform) and worked on it after school and on weekends. For the first year, 'Branchr' earned £ 500,000 and now its clients include the largest bookmaker William Hill and the well-known MySpace.
There are 8 adults in the submission of Christian, both in America and in the United Kingdom (where he comes from) who are involved in sales and technical support of the site. He invests all the money he now earns in his start-up, but next year Christian is going to open two offline offices.
He says: “The Mac Box Bundle was undoubtedly successful, but I wanted to do something else and then I had the idea of ​​Branchr.”
"I think everyone has a commercial vein, but in order for it to grow into something more, you need a lot of experience and work on yourself."
“My friends and I don’t really like talking about our success, I’m just like a teenager like everyone else.”
Now his company sells more than 250 million advertisements on 11 thousand sites every month.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101757/

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