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Google called the lawsuit Oracle groundless


Yesterday there was news on Habré that Oracle sued Google because of "flagrant violations of intellectual property rights." Let me remind you that Oracle believes that “When developing Android, Google deliberately, directly and repeatedly violated some aspects of Oracle’s intellectual property rights associated with Java. This lawsuit is aimed at eliminating violations. ” So, today, Google has responded to this lawsuit, saying that it considers it to be groundless.

In addition, Google is going to protect the open source software, whose free component is, according to the company, threatened by Oracle. The cornerstone of the Oracle suit is the Dalvik Virtual Machine, a virtual machine designed by Dan Bornstein, now part of the Android OS.
Almost all programs for this virtual machine are written in Java, which is not like Oracle, which bought Sun Microsystems last year, along with Java technology.

Google, in turn, believes that Java is no longer owned by any of the corporations, the Java community belongs to the whole world. Here is the text of the company's official statement: “We are upset that Oracle has chosen Google and the entire open Java community as the target of its lawsuit. The Java developer community is no longer owned by any corporation, and every day it works to make the Web even better. We will defend open source standards, and work further in a chosen direction to improve the Android platform. ”

According to some experts, the suit of Oracle to Google is complicated by the real problem of the "openness" of the OS Android - after all, the corporation developing this mobile operating system does not sell it. Yes, some profit is extracted, but these revenues are not a direct consequence of the spread of this mobile platform. Now, if the Android operating system were sold, then it would be another thing - you could immediately get a good compensation for damages due to copyright infringement.

But nevertheless, Oracle lawyers did not leave the student bench yesterday either, it seems that if the lawsuit was filed, the company is firmly counting on, if not the court compensation for damages, then the settlement agreement, which may be brought to Oracle by some of the money received by Google. But this, as they say, was written on the water with a pitchfork. It remains only to follow the developments.

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