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Fiber will collect climate data

Oceanographers turned to telecommunications companies with a request to use existing and failed underwater communication channels to collect climate data.

According to scientists from the University of Sydney, voltmeters simply connect to the cable pads to measure the speed of ocean currents on the electromagnetic current they generate. Installation of each voltmeter will cost no more than $ 3000.

Even more information about salinity and seismology can be gathered by connecting sensors to repeater boxes, which are usually installed every 100 km to enhance the signal.

As for the old and unused channels, the scientists propose to transfer them to "scientifically significant" places. The transfer cost is estimated at $ 2,000 per kilometer cable.
Since submarine cables have remained in place for decades, they can become a reliable and permanent source of scientific data for researchers. And the telecoms themselves can earn extra income by selling this data.

Australian scientists have already obtained agreement from Singtel and Telstra to use their fiber optic communication channels in the region of Indonesia to study currents between the Pacific and Indian oceans. But the dream of oceanographers is to create a global network of underwater sensors in order to gather as much information as possible about the currents and monitor the oceans in almost real time.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101755/

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