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NJ police photographs detainees for Facebook

Evesham County police in New Jersey has set up a Facebook page where she uploads photos of all detained citizens, indicating what crime they’ve arrested for. Such a criminal chronicle around the clock.

For example, this citizen distracted people near ATMs and stole their money.
It should be noted that the court should establish the guilt of these people, and the fact of arrest does not make them guilty and, all the more, does not deprive their privacy of privacy. It is highly doubtful that publishing their photos on the Internet is legal. Previously, the police simply published textual summaries, where the name and address of each detainee was named — and here is another photo with a complete description of the crime. However, the locals like it, the page has already 5000 subscribers. They enjoy reading the reports and commenting on the activities of the police approvingly.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101741/

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