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Android ranked third in sales in the mobile OS market

According to the company Gartner , one of the leading companies in the field of research and consulting in the field of IT, the second quarter of 2010 was marked by a very interesting event: sales of Android-based smartphones accounted for 17.2% of total smartphones sold and for the first time exceeded sales of iOS-based smartphones ( from 14.2%), moving the OS from Google to the third position.

The leading line is still occupied by Symbian from Nokia (41.2%), second place is from BlackBerry OS (18.2%).

Interestingly, the share of sales of the first 3 leaders decreased compared to the first quarter of 2010 (when Symbian’s share was 44.3%, BlackBerry OS’s share was 19.4%, and iOS’s share was 15.4%), while Android grew almost 2 times (in the first quarter it was 9.6%).

I have strong suspicions that by the results of the third quarter the “green robot” will climb to the second position of the rating, since now the gap between Android and BlackBerry is only 1%.

Gartner Report for the first quarter of 2010
Gartner Report for the second quarter of 2010

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