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Sanyo ENELOOP wrapped Apple

Not so long ago, the world-famous Apple company surprised the world with a device unusual for the apple giant of electronics - a charger for NiMH batteries under the banal name Apple Battery Charger


On the one hand, no one expected the appearance of the novelty, but on the other, it was predictable. After all, Apple's wireless devices - the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the Apple Magic Mouse and the latest novelty - the Magic Trackpad are powered by AA-size nickel-metal hydride batteries. About them the speech will go further

The main advantage of this charger is that it comes with 6 high capacity NiMH batteries ... 2 batteries for a wireless keyboard, 2 for a mouse, and 2 for a trackpad


The entire world shows genuine interest to all Apple products. Various resources publish detailed reviews and tests, and Apple products are always subjected to a total disassembly to the last screw by various craftsmen ... the same fate befell the new Apple Battery Charger and the batteries sold with it

Apple Battery Charger

The intrigue lies in the fact that, as they say at Apple, the batteries, which they sell along with the charger, will serve faithfully for their users for 10 years !!! -And it is alarming!

NiMH batteries in the world produced a lot, but only a few models can boast of long viability. - Didn't Apple really invent something new?

This question puzzled Czech techies - they thoroughly tested Apple batteries. The discharge graph of several 1.2A batteries looks as follows:

Apple devices

In addition, the batteries were charged in smarter chargers and in the process of testing, it turned out that Apple’s 1900 mAh battery capacity was somewhat underestimated. The actual capacity of the battery was 5-10% higher than stated. The average internal resistance is 0.096 ohms.

The performed autopsy of one of six patients left no doubts - the batteries bundled with the Apple Battery Charge charger were not designed for what was not in the Cupertino, but not even in America. The characteristics and internal structure of the battery painfully resembles the Japanese Sanyo ENELOOP HR-3UTG


On the one hand, once again the little and cunning deception of Apple was revealed by meticulous Czech technicians. But on the other hand, the Sanyo ENELOOP is recognized as one of the best batteries in the world market. For more than five years, no company in the world can repeat the production technology of NiMH batteries from Sanyo.

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