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The cosmonaut-robot will start helping colleagues in orbit very soon.


Not so long ago, Habré had several news about a robotic cosmonaut who received the pretty name Robonaut 2. In general, he was ready to work a month ago, but you need to figure out how to deliver such a complex device to orbit. As a result, NASA specialists drank beer and thought about finding a reliable (hopefully) way to deliver our robot into space unharmed. A special container has been made for it, which will help Robonaut 2 withstand all the hardships of a short flight from Earth to orbit.

A sponge material will be placed in the container, which in the right places will fit the shape of the robot. In addition, the "shoulders" of the robot will be supported by special stops. The task of the designers of the container was not only in the robust packaging of the robot, but also in that the astronauts-people with the ISS could easily get their mechanical assistant. Interestingly, the developers gave the container its own name - Sleepr (Structural Launch Enclosure to Effectively Protect Robonaut).
Let me remind you that the robot itself is only a torso with a head and two hands (with fingers). The robot even has its own Twitter account . Personally, I like even the registration of the account, not to mention the fact that the story is in the first person. The last entry of the robot reads "Turning off the last time. Next time I'll turn on the ISS! Video - bit.ly/bcgMZI My team will support communication. ”

Let me remind you that the robot was designed to help astronauts in orbit - it is better to entrust the repair work to the robot without endangering people. The robot is controlled remotely, unfortunately, the robots cannot yet decide what, how and where to put it in order. Robonaut 2 was created through a three-year collaboration between NASA and General Motors. It is more functional than any of its predecessors, and in addition, it is four times faster able to work. The robot will be controlled remotely, and not by astronauts, but by people from the MCC of Houston.

The robot is too heavy to sit in the chair when the Space Shuttle is launched, so I had to think of a special container for its transportation. In general, this is the first serious test of such a device, which will be held in space. We are waiting for the awakening of Robonaut 2 in orbit, and follow its twitter.

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