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Sending SMS messages from the WEB project using SOAP and MegaFon service

Few probably know that MegaFon has such a service as sending SMS / MMS messages from MS Outlook and is called “Message Manager” (Few, I am sure, know that MS Outlook is able to do this :)
MegaFon service is fundamentally different from the others described in the Habré ( here and here ) in that the payment for the sent message is made directly from the mobile phone account, which is convenient since You can now replenish your account anywhere.
The service is remarkable for “domestic” use, but it has one side that for some reason nobody mentioned - it is possible to use this service as a way to send SMS from a WEB project (with the help of a certain SOAP API - which, in general, is not secret ) .
Those. If you reproduce an outlook-like client side, then this service can be used for “industrial” purposes when developing any WEB project in which you need to have an SMS distribution (subscriber authentication, password recovery, one-time distribution, etc).
Thus, it is possible to use a “household” service for an “industrial” purpose.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101729/

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