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Translation: Review of digital pens

Few people will be surprised by the built-in thermometer or flashlight in the pen. Combining several devices in one case saves space, makes the thing more universal, but even this will not be a big advantage. There must be a certain synergistic effect of using two devices together. The pen operates with information: whether it is a note or a sketch, in any case it is used as an input device. Thus, the next improvement in functionality will be the storage, processing and output of information.

As it seems to me, one of the best pen improvements is a voice recorder. For example, a Livescribe may associate an entry with a note and by touching the notes with the pen you can play an audio entry.

Digital pen comparison table:
Property / ManufacturerPegasus
LivescribeWacomLogitechDigital scribe
paperanymarkedthe tabletmarkedany
internal memory
> 70 pages1-8Gb
100h / Gb
continuous work
15h10h audio or
18h use
not limited3h or 25 pagesnot limited
additional functions
to pressing
application compatibility
MS OfficeSdklots ofMS OneNote
dimensions133x14.5 16g155x14mm
price$ 99$ 100-200> $ 400$ 15095

Some manufacturers provide OCR software or you can purchase separately for $ 30. But even the best results do not exceed 93% of the recognized text.
Unmentioned manufacturers Adapx , Epos

Livescribe provides the most advanced functionality: recording audio to a built-in microphone, headphone jack, built-in speaker, 96x18 OLED screen, and even a half gigabyte on a community site. But, this technology works on special paper. You can buy it or print it, but in any case, you need to carry it with you.
Each sheet of marked paper is uniquely identified by a digital signature. Changing the sheet with a digital pen pishuchey on any paper produced by attaching the receiver. The disadvantage of any of these devices is the new line. Each line on paper is a new line in an electronic document; moreover, no corrections can be made in the writing process. Technology marked paper has a limit on filling with ink. There are no markers on the sketched area and the pen will not be able to determine its position on the sheet. Therefore, the artist will not be able to draw a picture.

Logipen uses ultrasonic positioning technology. The tip of the pen emits an ultrasonic whistle that is heard by two microphones in the receiver. By stereo effect, you can determine the relative position of the handle on the sheet. This is one of the best alternatives to previous competitors. Wacom Tablet PCs are widely used among designers due to their pressure sensitivity.

Use with mobile phone

Possessing such a convenient digital input device it would be great to view the input result on something. Obviously, it will be a mobile phone. You can come up with many applications sharing these devices.

1. Filling out forms in institutions (video)

There are already several companies implementing business solutions based on digital pen technology.

2. "Live SMS". It is difficult to overestimate the ability to write sms by hand, using emoticons, diagrams and diagrams in the message. Using a dial pad would be even faster than a phone keypad.

3. Transfer of paper records to people at a distance

Ideas for a new concept

This review with the links above covers the modern functionality of digital pens. Now we plan to create new ideas for further implementation in future models.

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